Diploma in Gerontology


Program Description
Langara offers a two-year comprehensive, applied and interdisciplinary program in gerontology that prepares students to work with the increasing population of older persons. Students learn how to promote, support, and advocate for the well-being, health, and resilience of older persons. The aging population is culturally-diverse and the program has a strong emphasis on understanding the aging process in the context of indigenous and other diverse cultural values and beliefs.

The program includes a mix of theoretical knowledge, skills-training, and practical experience. Students learn how to work with older adults in partnership with family members, community groups, and professionals. Field placements in gerontology service settings (400 hours) provide students with the opportunity to apply specialized skills, knowledge and ethics, and develop professional practice skills.

Graduates are prepared for careers in the field of gerontology within a wide range of services; health and wellness, education, recreation, community support, social advocacy, residential and palliative care.

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