Mission and Principles

Seniors helping seniors is the foundation of Senior Peer Counselling in BC.  Peer counselling is based on the principles of self-help and mutual aid.

The purpose of the Society is to address the health of aged persons by providing for senior peer counselling services and further thereof the Society:

(a) establishes contact and networks with senior peer counselling programs and similar groups in BC to provide a provincial focal point and voice for senior peer counselling in the province

(b) gathers, organizes and exchanges information on:

  • training and education
  • evaluation methods
  • fundraising and funding
  • board structure and operation
  • promotion and publicity

(c) liaises with all levels of government, and provincial and national organizations involved with seniors groups

(d) promotes the concept of senior peer counselling in BC and assists in increasing community awareness at the local level, and provides consultation to established and emerging senior peer counselling groups

(e) develops guidelines for senior peer counselling services in BC

(f) promotes workshops to assist the ongoing education and training of senior peer counsellors.