Volunteer as a Peer Counsellor

Volunteering as a Senior Peer Counsellor will give you the opportunity to do something enriching, meaningful, useful and stimulating through the training and helping experience.

The senior peer counsellors are volunteers 55 years and older who are interested in the well-being of aging adults in their community. Peer counsellors are good listeners. Their personal experience and the training they receive enable them to better understand the problems and needs of the senior they are helping.

As a senior peer counsellor, you will be trained to work with other seniors. You will learn to present information and help others in a friendly way. You will listen to people and help them explore their concerns and problems. At the same time, you will help them clarify their needs and support their search for new meaning and relationships. Peer counsellors also try to model self-confidence and a healthy lifestyle.

All applicants are carefully screened, must successfully complete the training course recognized by SPC/BC and undergo a Criminal Record Check before being matched with participants/clients.

Incentives As a Peer Counsellor Volunteer

You will have a chance to

  • Give something back to the community
  • Be useful to another individual in a meaningful way
  • Sharpen skills, learn new information and face new challenges
  • Make lifelong friendships
  • Make a difference

Expectations For Peer Counsellor Volunteers

  • Volunteers are required to complete a 54-hour training program provided by SPC/BC-certified trainers, and attend regular meetings for ongoing training and support
  • Volunteers agree to serve in the community a minimum of one year
  • Program Coordinators assign the clients and monitor the support provided
  • Sessions with each client are one hour per week on average.

Peer Counsellors Code

  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Honor personal boundaries
  • Encourage and listen with empathy
  • Respect cultural differences, and personal values and beliefs
  • Do not judge or give advice
  • Build client’s self-awareness
  • Explore options to address needs
  • Empower clients to find their own solutions, make their own choices and gain back a sense of control in their lives
  • Offer community connections and information
  • Refer clients to suitable services, resources or professionals when this may be of benefit.

To get in touch with the Senior Peer Counselling program in your community to talk about becoming a peer counsellor, consult our Directory.